Peconic Landing celebrated their employees the best FLIPPIN!!

If we weren't in the flipbook business, we would want to be a Peconic Landing employee, fo SHO. 

This group of people strutted into the Seastar ballroom, dressed to the nines, teeth pearly and visible because of their enormous smiles. 

Of course they did, they were being celebrated. 

With love from their company, they were showered with the following: 

appreciation dinner: check. 

sassy dj spinnin tunes: check

bar with yummy drinks: helloooOOO, check. 

A Flippin Good Time: check.

                              ...and for real- they got and HAD a flippin good time!!!! 

We could not express the joy that we felt as these party people got their laughter on.  I can still hear it ringing in my ears! (best job perk ever, by the way ;)) 

Best to you all PL'ers!!! We hope you enjoy your montage, and here's to a great year for you all! 


Stacy, Sarah and Sean!


Ps. An extra special thank you to Valerie Tirelli, who took us in with open arms when we first met! We have been honored to have been a part of events for Brecknock Hall since then, and look forward to partying more with you! Thank you again for our very fancy plaque from the Veteran's Wedding of 2015 - it's our favorite <3 

Bridal & Wedding Expo 1.10.16!

Hello there!!

Here's a little montage fun from the Suffolk County Community College Bridal and Wedding Expo of 2016... the LARGEST expo to hit Long Island! With that said, we want to high five every one who braved the first 3 mobbed aisles before getting to us... we are glad you made it and even more glad that you stopped by to have fun with us!! 

We hope to flip with you again soon!!!

Happy planning to everyone!!

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