We are A Flippin Good Time!  Literally. Or not literally? Either way... we exist to provide amazing and unique entertainment for your special event. Our Flipbook Studio is completely customizable, remarkably portable, and most importantly - outrageously fun! So whaddya say? Let's start a party!

Why Flipbooks?

More like, why not flipbooks, am I right? Listen, we've all been to a thousand weddings. Sat through hundreds of birthdays. Or yawned our way through countless holiday parties waiting for Bob from Accounting to do the worm. Adding a Flipbook Studio makes your event stand out. It provides your guests with a truly out-of-the-box experience, sealing the deal with an unforgettable souvenir for them to take home. 

How's it work?

It’s simple...seamless... and FUN, of course! Once booked, we'll collaborate with you to create custom flipbooks for your event. First, we will have you fill out a simple questionnaire to get an idea of what your event is all about.  With that information, we will design a personalized cover for your flipbooks!  When the day comes, we'll arrive early to the venue to set up and test the studio.  Then it’s showtime! Your guests can pick out their props of choice, stand in front of the camera, and... we press record ;)  They have 7 seconds to do their thang, and if we get the thumbs up that their video is ace: we print it, bind it, and hand it over within minutes! You and your guests can create as many flipbooks as they want. Go crazy! We know it's irresistible. We can print 50-60 books an hour with our Standard Set, and double that with our Deluxe!  We have packages that, in addition to the flipbooks, include a video montage of all of the videos made at the event (AWESOME memento for the guests of honor!!), a sharing station that allows guests to share their video immediately to their email, Instagram or Facebook (perfect for the social media lover), and our ultimate package that includes all of the above PLUS custom props that we create with TLC for you … something to fit each and every person whose heart jumps with excitement at the thought of the flipbooks! Now THAT'S a piece of personal history that is priceless! 


Meet the team!

We are Dave and Stacy. Or Stacy and Dave. Or Stavey? Nevermind... that's super weird. For the better part of two decades, we've collaboratively dabbled in the wedding industry, restaurant industry, and binge-watching-The-Walking-Dead-on-our-couch industry. After tying the knot in 2014, we fused our collective expertise to create a business we are completely obsessed with... FLIPBOOKS!

But all silliness aside, it's our mission to deliver professional service and straight-up fun. Hoping that your experience and our involvement in it will always be a great memory for you and your guests.


Let's chat!

Thinking about booking us for an event? Have any questions regarding our services? Wanna get together for a strong cup of coffee? Sweet. Because we want to do all of those things as well. Just drop us a line by filling out the form below.

Or if you're scared of the internet, that's cool, just call us. Our number is 631.576.6350.


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